Multi-platform theme development

We’re a multi-featured small team, focused on designing and developing awesome themes and templates for multiple platforms such as WordPress or Joomla, as well others soon ( Magento, Open Cart etc. ).

Our work is sold exclusively on ThemeForest marketplace.

Getting from nowhere to somewhere

Like any nice successful story, we have one too. It started back in 2010 as a one-guy operation. The sole purpose was the hunger for success and achieving the milestones on ThemeForest. Well funny enough, we’re still on that same track nowadays, only a slight bigger as a team.

What we learned over the years, is that success comes when you’re valuable and you bring something outstanding to the table.

Today we’re trying our best to keep doing this, still enjoying the adventure and challenges. Therefore we’re confident our future will shine as much as it did before, even brighter.

All in all, we’re great, but not the best. There’s plenty of awesome designers out there, genious developers and many, many great teams. We salute these guys and we’re constantly getting inspired by them, their principles and way of doing things. Hopefully one day we’ll be considered an inspiration for others too.


Long term vision and goals

We love seeing our work praised and loved. It’s surreal! We wish to continue like this always and forever.

But our goals are to remain small enough to do big things, to keep having fun, to learn new stuff, take challenges and build the most beatiful and greatest items in the business.

We’ll keep evolving into a better company, so please, take a seat and ride with us.

Our Philosophy

Over the years we developed a philosophy, to provide gorgeous items that are built only to be useful, focusing objectively on features that are multi-purpose and simply enrich our buyers imagination.

So we don’t just want to be present on the marketplaces; instead we want to add high value, great experience and memorable items that are as useful as possible and an inspiration for others.


I once had the chance to talk with a nice potential customer (at that time, now loyal buyer) and while i was providing some helpful answer to his question, he told me “i’m so lucky i’ve bought a Hogash template”. When i read that, i realised that, over time, i’ve been building a truly remarcable reputation. I promise we’ll do our best to always maintain and improve our reputation.

Getting featured on ThemeForest

While for others this might not be a big thing, for us is huge. We’re among a small group that had more than one item featured on the marketplace. Not to mention being a featured author as well. Currently we’re in the Envato’s Hall of Fame and damn proud of this!

Small or big business owners

We design for everybody! We’ve seen our work on thousands of websites, even just randomly browsing the web. Our templates can be used in a huge variety of niches and can be customised so much. We encourage any type of business ownsers to try our work.


We actually like to be a small team, to know each others name, to be friends as well, so we don’t really plan on expanding our team too much, only if it’s an absolute necessity. But if you really want to join our team just drop an email on jobs [at] and we’ll get back with you.

Our logo

Even if we’re basically - a web design & development agency, ironically, our new logo was outsourced and designed by a sweet crew called Unipen. We loved their work so much that we had to give it a try.

I love it when
a plan comes
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