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ERIS - Free premium template

Eris Template is a free premium joomla 2.5 template, based on the powerful Gantry Framework. It's corporate/clean design makes this template a must-have in your website's portfolio.


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  • Gantry Framework used, simple to use and powerful
  • Compatible only with Joomla 2.5+
  • Unlimited background colors and combinations!
  • Around 70 modules positions or various combinations
  • Plusslider
  • Portfolio adaptation with multiple columns
  • Blog section
  • Photo gallery plugin
  • Google map on contact page with personalised PIN & multiple locations
  • Google Fonts support
  • Newsletter component
  • Built-in Prettyphoto lightbox
  • Mobile version with view-switcher
  • Quickstart package & Standalone template included
  • PSD Files included (slides also)
  • 960px grid system
  • Social media support
  • Built in styles


Chrome 11+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5+, Opera 10+, IE7+, iPad.


Unfortunately free support isn't included in this template. You can post your comment here, or to grant access to my support forums, you can purchase other template from me from themeforest and you will have the possibility to access the support forum then. Thank you!


Joomla extensions:


Download here (make sure you unzip first)   DEMO HERE

* Don't worry about the virus notice. It's not, it's just an encrypted link which appears in the footer of your website.
* This theme is released under creative commons license. The link in the footer only links back to my website and it should remain intact!
* The link is small, barely seen in the footer. I spent a lot of time developing this theme so i'm kindly asking you to respect my work.


How to install the template

The quickstart package installation is basically a clone of my demo preview, a package of Joomla, gantry framework, amos template, components, modules, plugins, libraries, etc all of these already installed. All you need to do is to unzip to your host, create a fresh database and just follow the quick install steps. That's it, only 5 min and you have a full working website. This solution is mostly for users who will start a fresh website.


1) Create a fresh database. (Tutorial for cPanel, Tutorial for Phpmyadmin)

2) Unzip the files into your host, eg: would be just into public_html/ ; would be in public_html/hidden_test_folder/

3) Access the url where you extracted the files eg: . A regular joomla installation should appear. Follow all the steps providing the needed details for installation. At the end there's no need for the Install sample data because the data is already included.

4) Access your administrator eg: , login and go to Site > System Information. Here look at the tab called "Directory Permission" and make sure all the folders listed are green "Writable". If not change their permissions to 755 for folders (or in some rare servers try 757) and files to 644 (the same in some rare servers try 646).

Also, Joomla recommends the php option Display Errors to be disabled. Some servers have this option enabled. The advantage is you can change this settings from the Global Configuration, 3rd tab called Servers. There is an option there, Display Errors, and set it to None.


1) Install Joomla by downloading from here by installing it from your cPanel Fantastico. After install, please have a look inside the folder called Standalone template (piece by piece) and install every zip you find through Extension Manager > Upload & Install. I also attached screenshots of each extensions/template/module/etc's settings page so you will know what settings to apple.

I personally don't like this method because it's a bit harder to set it up, but i'm sure you know what you are doing.

Css classes used in the modules suffix's

Some modules need a css class suffix to be styled. The list of the classes:

  • (module) GET SOCIAL WITH US - "social_icons"
  • (module) LATEST BLOG POSTS - "grey_box" "comments_icon"
  • (module) Partners / Technologies used - "partners"
  • (module) JOIN OUR MAILING LIST - "featured_box" "mail_icon"

Without the quotes. Please look inside the Standalone template folder for the folder called Screenshots. You will see there the settings and classes added.

Using portfolio layout

To create a new portfolio category, you must go to Main menu (or any other menu) and create a new menu item, select "Category blog". Inside the "Blog Layout Options" tab on the right side, you must enter how many articles and columns. Here it's a screenshot of how it should look . Also don't forget to create a new category first!

The next step is to create a new article, position it inside the category you want. Add any text you want but in the right side open the tab called "Images and links" browse for images in the Intro image & Full article image. Screenshot here:

How to change the map location & settings

Go to Modules Manager > Google Map . Screenshot here:

Where to change the email address from the contact form

Go to Modules Manager > Contact form. Here you have an email address field where you should add it.

Where to change the slider's images

Go to Modules Manager > Plusslider. Here you have browse for image & lots of other options for each slide.

Tips & Tricks

My personal recommendation is to go with the Quickstart package although you already have Joomla installed because it's much more easier to work on, it's easier to install and you just have to make changes, not to start from scratch.

I recommend using Firebug Addon from Mozilla. This way you will find exact styles applied for each tag and trust me, it will make your life easier. It also has a console to track JS errors.Here you can see a demos using Firebug .Just download it and test it, you won't regret it, i promise you!

I also wrote a small piece of article here: You will find plenty reasons why to use it.



David Valenzia

Hogash provides high-quality templates with powerful frameworks and multiple usages. The Hogash developers and programmers provide incredible support through a discussion forum as well as personalized correspondence. Fantastic out of the box templates are great for beginners or experts and provide easy to use, cross-browser compatible sites. I will continue to use Hogash templates for my clients and myself.

Alain Demontis

Probably one of the best Joomla templates I have ever seen and used !!! Impressive, useful, well-balanced. Great work! Many thanks for this release.

Mustafa Muhie

Thank you for this great template, fantastic work dude!!

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