High Quality

We've spent so much time for each individual template to ensure everything is put together nicely and it has what it takes to cover most of everyones needs.

Knowing the fact it's a strong competition out there, we tried to stand up to high expectations and be a top template provider.

Multiple usages

For the moment we provide only generalistic templates but they are built so that they can be used for numerous niches like hotel, industrial, technology, fashion, blogging and so many others.

Just by having a look on the template you will gain inspiration for your next project.

Powerful Framework

Our Joomla Templates are built with the great, powerful and well-documented Gantry Framework which has lots of features, lovely design and custom options. We basically extend it for each project and assure it fits together with our templates. Basically this gives to our templates a big quality advantage.

Functional and awesome Joomla, Wordpress and HTML templates for everyone.

960 Grid System

960 Grid System Our templates use the popular 960.gs css framework which makes developing much easier and enjoying.

Time Saving

Time Saving These templates are built with lots of custom features which shortens up the time spent developing them.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective These templates are truly some great deals! They include so many features for a relatively small amount of money.

Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility There is a big browser competition out there. We covered most of the popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera or Safari.

Technical support

Technical support Problems? Don't worry!! One of the biggest advantage of our templates is the technical support system. Let us know!

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly We also try to cover the mobile browsing, providing compatible and optimized templates for mobiles.


    These are some of our free quality premium templates designed by us. Click above to see all of them.

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  • ERIS Template for Joomla

    ERIS Template for Joomla

    Eris Template is a free premium joomla 2.5 template, based on the powerful Gantry Framework. It's corporate/clean design makes this template a must-have in your website's portfolio.



    New template with premium features coming soon! Follow me on Twitter to stay updated.



    New template with premium features coming soon! Like my page on Facebook to stay updated.


David Valenzia

Hogash provides high-quality templates with powerful frameworks and multiple usages. The Hogash developers and programmers provide incredible support through a discussion forum as well as personalized correspondence. Fantastic out of the box templates are great for beginners or experts and provide easy to use, cross-browser compatible sites. I will continue to use Hogash templates for my clients and myself.

Alain Demontis

Probably one of the best Joomla templates I have ever seen and used !!! Impressive, useful, well-balanced. Great work! Many thanks for this release.

Mustafa Muhie

Thank you for this great template, fantastic work dude!!

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